Friday, June 30, 2006

God Bless The Less Privileged

usually, i try to keep my everyday spendings to the minimum. its not that i am 'kuripot', although sometimes i really become one. but for the reason that, everytime i see street children or an old person walking the streets and begging for money, i cant help but realize how lucky i am. that i have a house to go home to, i have some money in my pocket, i usually dont worry with what im gonna eat, i have a car, i sleep in an airconditioned room, etc. i dont really live a luxurious life, but i can say that what i have right now is more than enough. although there are times in my life that i feel like i want to have more. i know that it is being greedy, but it really is human nature. people are not happy with what they already have. they want more.
but when i see those poor people begging for food, i know that what i have is enough. i sometimes feel guilty for spending 100 pesos for a meal, when that money could already feed a poor family for 1 day. or when i spend 600 pesos on a book, etc. i always feel that guilt and feel like i am not doing anything to help them.
a number of times, i hated myself and felt really cruel when a kid appoarch my window and i dont give them anything because i was too busy texting or i was just too lazy to reach over the small compartment of my car for some coins. i know that that small amount would already help them put food on their stomachs. but at that time, i was too lazy to give them money.
sometimes, i ask myself what is the root for such act. what always come to my mind is that i think im confused. i dont know if i should help them or not. one time, ive heard the secretary of dswd (department of social works and develpoment) talk about street children. she told the public not to give to beggars or streetchildren because they would only use them for drugs or gamble the money we've given them. that the dswd are doing their job by going around the streets and talking to the street chilren and beggars to move in to the dswd shelters. but most of the time, those people refuse to come with them for the reason that they cant bear with the 'house rules' of dswd shelters. i know that it is the way of dswd to instill to them responsibility and discipline. all activities in dswd shelters have a schedule. from the time they wake up, to the time they sleep. sad thing is, they usually end up going out of the shelters and rather live in the streets where there are no rules and they can do whatever they want.
these type of things are what confuses me. but when i go to church or when i talk to my parents, they usually say that i should just give them money, regardless of how they would spend that money and hope that they would spend it on food and not on drugs.
i realize now that this is just a small dot on the picture. these children really need whatever help we can give them and we should help them in every opportunity we have, that giving them loose change is not enough. all of us should be involved in helping them in a bigger way like personally visiting a shelter or orphanage and help out for a couple of hours or whenever we have a free time or joining an organization where we can regularly donate or help them.
whatever ways we may think of helping them, let us try to always be there for them. let us share what we have and be thankful to the GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE for all the blessings He gave us.

and lastly, let us also pray for them that He may forever look after them and shower them with His eternal blessings.


TJ Tirante said...

Akala ko pic natin nila roy nung college tabi ng Scotts burger...

TJ Tirante said...
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Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

It is so sad to see people living in the streets...

thanks for passing by.