Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fix You

I haven't posted in a really long time. but its ok, nothing too dramatic happened in my life. i just wanted to share this song that inspires me at the moment. try to listen to it and understand the lyrics, you'll love it, i tell you..

Fix You
by: Coldplay

When you try your best, but you don't succeed
When you get what you want, but not what you need
When you feel so tired, but you can't sleep
Stuck in reverse
When the tears come streaming down your face
When you lose something you can't replace
When you love someone, but it goes to waste
Could it be worse?
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
High up above or down below
When you too in love to let it go
If you never try you'll never know
Just what you're worth
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
Tears stream down your face
When you lose something you cannot replace
Tears stream down your face
And I...
Tears stream down on your face
I promise you I will learn from the mistakes
Tears stream down your face
And I...
Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you

Monday, July 10, 2006

A Father and Son Encounter

The plot in the following story , is inspired by actual events.

There was once an ambitious father. He had a son who was not as ambitious as he was. He failed in many ways, so he wanted his son to be what he would have wanted himself to be and to achieve what he had failed to achieve. He gave his son a good education by enrolling him in the best schools.

After his son's graduation from college, he urged him to join the Knights of Columbus as he believed that religion is a the good start of everything. As a knight, his son became too priestly which he really did not appreciate. he wanted his son to be a go getter, to be articulate and a good debater so he advised his son to join Rotary. As a Rotarian the son was able to enlarge his circle of friends and become more eloquent during discussions. Still not contented, the father wanted his son to develop executive ability. He urged him to join the Jaycees who are mostly executives. For professional refinement, the father advised his son to be a lion. Through Lionism the son became more matured and deliberative. Finally, the son joined the Kiwanis where he became deeply engrossed in charitable and community projects.

After becoming a Knight, a Rotarian, a Jaycee, a Lion and a member of the Kiwanis, one after the other, he is now ready for the final scene set for him by his father. He was asked by his father to join a political party because the father. He was asked by his father to join a political party because the father was in reality preparing his son to be the Mayor of the town if not Congressman of their province. These was the father's unfulfilled ambition which became the hidden agenda for his son.
While mulling over what political party to join, the son made some researches and came across several articles in the weekly magazines narrating that Dr. Jose Rizal, Marcelo H. del Pilar, Apolinario Mabini, Andres Bonifacio, the Luna brothers, Emilio Aguinaldo, Manuel Quezon, Jose P.Lauerel, Jose Abad Santos, Chief Justice Manuel Moran, Justice Calixto Zadivar and many other Filipino heroes and national leaders all belong to the Masonic Fraternity. Making further researches, the son developed intense interest and ended up knocking at the door of Freemasonry.

After several years of membership with different organizations, the son realized that his membership fees alone caused a drain in his pocket. Besides, he missed the company of his wife and children. With the help of his wife, he had to make a decision which organization he had to give up and with which he has to remain.

One day the father and son met. The father asked, "What happened? I don't see your pictures in the papers any more. I have not heard about your church activities. Have you abandoned your plan to be Mayor or Congressman?"
The son replied, "Father, I am now a Freemason. I have for the moment cast aside my ambition in the field of politics. With the kind of politics and the manner we handle our political exercises today, I feel that moral uprightness and our present political temper can not mix. To win in politics today one has to compromise with the devil which I cannot. I have decided to remain upright. Besides, I firmly believe that I can also serve God, our country, my fellowmen, my family and friends not through politics alone but other equally challenging avenues."
"What about your training oratory and debate?"
"I make use of them in our meetings, seminars, conferences, conventions and communications."
"How about your executive and managerial training?"
"Father, as Worshipful Master of my Lodge, I exercise managerial and executive authority."
"How about your charitable activities?"
"Do you know, Father, that the Freemasons support the Hospital for Crippled Children? We do a lot of charitable work. We finance the education of children of poor families but you never hear us crow about it. In all disasters in the country, we do our part and give our share without propaganda. we contribute to laudable community projects and participate in civic activities without fanfares."
"How about your church activities?"
"Father, now I believe more in godliness and less religiousity which is more ceremonial and ritualistic. Godliness glimmers with the true and real characteristics of God's children. As a Mason I learned to love my fellowmen and deal with them squarely and on the level. I learned to walk in the dark with faith in my heart and trust in the Lord. I learned that the exercise of my rights end where the rights of my fellowmen begin. I learned to listen to and hear the cries of widows and orphans. My heart has become more sensitive to the tears of the needy."
"Does Freemasonry not demand much of your time?"
"On the contrary, I have more time for my wife and children now. In Freemasonry, we meet only once a month for our stated meeting. We also have special meetings on the call of the Worshipful Master. We have seminars, district meetings and conventions. We meet once a year in the month of April for our Annual Communication. Our activities are so programmed and properly spaced as we are taught to divide our time to service to God and distressed worthy brothers, for our usual vacations and for refreshment and repose. As a Fraternity and individually we perform our share in nation building and in repair of our 'damage culture' by adopting and putting into practice the teachings and tenets of Freemasonry which has weathered and survived the test of time. Freemasonry being a progress moral science, the members are taught and cautioned to be on guard, observe and keep close watch on our moral values."

While the father was intently listening, the son added, "In Freemasonry, there is no room for hypocrisy, Cheating or short-changing a brother is not in our vocabulary. We respect the chastity of a brother Mason's wife, mother, sister. and daughter as they are under our protection and care. In the Masonic Fraternity, a brother's popularity, activity, service, promotion or election is measured not by the thickness of his billfold but by his merits. I do not feel only togetherness but also belongingness. With my brethren I feel safe. With them around, my family and I can sleep soundly without any fear at all."

The son concluded, "Being in the afternoon of my sickness, seeing the colorful and glimmering rays of the setting sun about to fade at twilight time and as I feel that I am about to enter the 'last mile', I would rather, more than anything else, be remembered as your son and the eldest child of mother, as a husband to my wife and a father to my children. And when the Great Architect of the Universe shall call my number and I shall stand naked and alone before the Great White Throne, and He shall ask about my nation and organization, with my head held high, looking straight into HIS eyes, I would with humility be proud to respond, "FILIPINO po Sir, and a FREEMASON"

Listening seriously and with misty eyes, the father said to himself, My dear God, with him as my son, I have not lived in vain. Praise the Lord".

After the short verbal encounter, the father and the son shook hands, bid each other adieu, and parted. Both smiling. The father with satisfaction and contentment and the son into the waiting embraces of his wife and children.

Friday, June 30, 2006

God Bless The Less Privileged

usually, i try to keep my everyday spendings to the minimum. its not that i am 'kuripot', although sometimes i really become one. but for the reason that, everytime i see street children or an old person walking the streets and begging for money, i cant help but realize how lucky i am. that i have a house to go home to, i have some money in my pocket, i usually dont worry with what im gonna eat, i have a car, i sleep in an airconditioned room, etc. i dont really live a luxurious life, but i can say that what i have right now is more than enough. although there are times in my life that i feel like i want to have more. i know that it is being greedy, but it really is human nature. people are not happy with what they already have. they want more.
but when i see those poor people begging for food, i know that what i have is enough. i sometimes feel guilty for spending 100 pesos for a meal, when that money could already feed a poor family for 1 day. or when i spend 600 pesos on a book, etc. i always feel that guilt and feel like i am not doing anything to help them.
a number of times, i hated myself and felt really cruel when a kid appoarch my window and i dont give them anything because i was too busy texting or i was just too lazy to reach over the small compartment of my car for some coins. i know that that small amount would already help them put food on their stomachs. but at that time, i was too lazy to give them money.
sometimes, i ask myself what is the root for such act. what always come to my mind is that i think im confused. i dont know if i should help them or not. one time, ive heard the secretary of dswd (department of social works and develpoment) talk about street children. she told the public not to give to beggars or streetchildren because they would only use them for drugs or gamble the money we've given them. that the dswd are doing their job by going around the streets and talking to the street chilren and beggars to move in to the dswd shelters. but most of the time, those people refuse to come with them for the reason that they cant bear with the 'house rules' of dswd shelters. i know that it is the way of dswd to instill to them responsibility and discipline. all activities in dswd shelters have a schedule. from the time they wake up, to the time they sleep. sad thing is, they usually end up going out of the shelters and rather live in the streets where there are no rules and they can do whatever they want.
these type of things are what confuses me. but when i go to church or when i talk to my parents, they usually say that i should just give them money, regardless of how they would spend that money and hope that they would spend it on food and not on drugs.
i realize now that this is just a small dot on the picture. these children really need whatever help we can give them and we should help them in every opportunity we have, that giving them loose change is not enough. all of us should be involved in helping them in a bigger way like personally visiting a shelter or orphanage and help out for a couple of hours or whenever we have a free time or joining an organization where we can regularly donate or help them.
whatever ways we may think of helping them, let us try to always be there for them. let us share what we have and be thankful to the GREAT ARCHITECT OF THE UNIVERSE for all the blessings He gave us.

and lastly, let us also pray for them that He may forever look after them and shower them with His eternal blessings.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Blue Moon

isa ako sa milyong milyong fans ni billie holiday. although matagal na syang wala, nag iwan sya ng legacy sa jazz. isa syang prostitute noong araw,was able to turn her life around and became the queen of jazz. the way she sings her songs always seem to come straight from her heart. one song of her that i really enjoy listening to is a song called blue moon. for one, i was able to relate to the lyrics. and the way she sang it was really awesome. frank sinatra also did a version of this song. so did our local band orange & lemons, pero di ko pa napapakinggan. sana lang ay di bakyain ng orange & lemons ang kantang ito. hehehe

Blue moon
You saw me standing alone
Without a dream in my heart
Without a love on my own…

Blue moon
You knew just what i was there for
You heard me saying a prayer
For someone i really could care for.

And suddenly there appeared before me
The only one my arms could ever hold
I heard someone whisper, “please, adore me”
And when i looked my moon had turned to gold.

Blue moon,
Now i’m no longer alone
Without a dream in my heart,
Without a love of my own
Without a love of my own…

Monday, June 26, 2006

The None (Nun) Kwenta Movie

nung bata pa ako, mahilig na talaga ako sa horror movies. kahit nung panahon ng shake, rattle and roll o yung regal shocker sa tv, nanonood na ako noon. mahilig din ako mag rent ng betamax na mga horror tulad ng nightmare on elm street, friday the 13th, candyman, omen, etc. kaso nung tumanda na ako, medyo konti nalang ang magagandang horror movies na maganda. pero nung lumabas yung mga japanese movies tulad ng the ring, shutter at atbp., nabuhay na naman ang pagiging horror film fanatic ko. lately nga lang, bihira na ako manood ng horror films kasi pag kasama ko si ivy manood, minsan sa kanya pa ako nagugulat o ninenerbyos kaysa sa film. kaya lately, iniwasan na namin manood ng horror films. hehehe. pero 2 saturdays ago, niyaya ako ng kapatid ko manood ng omen 2006. medyo ok na sya kaso di pa din kasing nakakatakot kaysa nung mga films dati. kahit pa gabi na kami nonood at wala masyado tao sa sinehan sa atc, di pa den kami masyado natakot. nagugulat lang.
tapos biglang may napanood ako na trailer sa tv na the nun. sabi nila nakakatakot daw. kahit sa solar tv promote nila kasi daw galing daw sa makers ng so and so. kaya na excite ako at nag sched ulit kami ng kapatid ko manood ng the nun sa atc kagabi. siguro ito na yung movie na inaatay ko na tatakot sa amin.
pag start ng film, sa unang scene pa lang e medyo parang di na kapani paniwala na sa isang all girls school/dormitory ay pinapatakbo ng isang mahigpit na madre. so sinakyan ko lang ang story, hanggang sa kalagitnaan na ng film, napapansin ko na medyo jologs ang plot at ang mga artista ay hindi marunong umarte. nagtatawanan na nga kami ng kapatid ko e. tapos 3/4 through the film, sobrang corny na ng plot at ang mga lines, acting, etc ng ibang characters ay nagamit na sa ibang sine. tapos sobrang babaw ng story. hanggang sa nawalan na ako ng pag asa. pero inantay ko pa den ang ending, which turned out na mas nakaka init ng ulo.
lumabas kami ng sine na nanghihinayang at nag sisisi sa nasayang naming pera at oras. natulog nalang sana kami. sana magkaroon dito sa pinas ng isang group na nag s screen ng mga sine, at ang mga walang kwentang sine tulad ng the nun ay hindi na pinapalabas dito. parati pa naman nila advertise ito sa tv, etc. sasabihin nila na nakakatakot, e kahit ata bata matatawa lang sa plot ng storya at sa mga actors nito e.
sana sa susunod na panood namin, medyo may kalidad naman na horror movie ang mapanood ko. yung tipong natatakot ka pumasok ng kwarto o ng banyo pag uwi ng bahay. yung tipo na gigising ka sa madaling araw na iniimagine kung may anino ba ng babae na nakatayo sa sulok ng room mo. yun ang horror movie!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Belated Happy Father's Day (Korean Style)

kahapon nag celebrate kami ng family ko ng late na fathers day. kasi last sunday e medyo masama pakiramdam ng lola ko kaya di kai nakaalis ng bahay. tsaka bihira den kami family maka kain sabay sabay sa labas kasi medyo magulo di na tutugma ang schedules namin. minsan nasa cavite ako, ang kapatid ko naman nasa makati usually, kaya eksakto kahapon na kumpleto kaming family kaya ci-nelebrate namin ang fathers day ng pagkain sa labas.
ang hilig den kasi ng family namin ay kumain. usually pag nakain kami sa labas, laging japanese resto ang bagsak namin. tapos noon, masiba pa ako kumain (read: nakaka 5x na balik ako sa buffet table at puno lagi ang plate ko ha), kaya laging sa saisaki kami. kahapon, nag decide kami na maiba naman. kasi uso naman ang mga korea-novela, kayat korean restaurant naman ang kinainan namin.
nakalimutan ko na ang pangalan ng restaurant, basta laging puno ng kotse ang place nila sa may aguirre st., sa bf paranaque. ok yung restaurant, ang cook nila ay yung may ari na koreana. pag pasok namin, sumalubong pa sya pero bow lang ng bow at nakangiti kasi di marunong mag tagalog. hehehe. ok ang korean cuisine kasi medyo spicy ang mga luto nila, e mahilig kami sa spicy, kaya perfect sa amin ito.
syempre start muna ang meal nyo ng appetizers. merong kimchi, pritong talong, pritong okra, gulay , at kung ano ano pa na i se serve sa inyo sa maliliit na platters. ang maganda pa nito ay pwede ang refill! hehehe. kaya kain to the max ako. tapos nun, order na kayo. ang inorder namin ang famous korean barbeque nila, seafood hotpot at seafood pancakes. yung korean bbq, lulutuin sa maliit na kalan sa harap nyo. mga marinated ribs sya na pag naluto, ibabalot mo sa lettuce, lalagyan ng chili paste at garlic at sili, tapos kakainin na with kanin o kaya as is. ang sarap! ang seafood hotpot naman parang sinigang ang dating na walang paaisim. pero masarap ang base soup nila. halo halong seafood lang (fish head, shells, shrimp, squid, gulay, etc.) lulutuin den sa harap mo sa maliit na kalan. ang anghang sobra ng sabaw nya. tapos ang seaood pancake naman ay parang tortang malaki lang. pinaganda lang.
amidst the tulo sipon at pag inom ng madaming tubig sa anghang, enjoy kami. kahit medyo pricey yung resto, masaya ang family ko at busog kaming umuwi. hehehe

Monday, June 19, 2006

a quote to live by

"And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love."

- St. Paul

Friday, June 16, 2006


lately na aadict kami mag laro ng kapatid ko, pati na den si ivy ng games na simple lang pero may parang puzzle na sino solve ka during ng laro. nasakit na nga mga mata ko sa kakalaro sa office, pag uwi ko sa bahay, laro pa den. pataasan kami ng score e. hehehe. ewan ko kung nakita nyo na to, pero parang java game lang to e. pero nakaka aliw. try nyo yung diner dash 2, zuma deluxe, cakemania at hangaroo. baka ma addict den kayo! hehehe

Five Simple Pleasures Of Life

minsan mga simpleng bagay lang, masaya ka na e. di mo na kailangan ng madaming pera o magandang kotse o bakasyon sa bahamas para sumaya. although ok den sana pag meron ako ng mga iyon. (hahaha)

1. being with ivy - 6 years na kami ni ivy together. kaya alam na namin ang ugali ng isa't isa. alam nya na yung mga bagay na ayoko at gusto ko. alam nya den kung isusuot ko ba ang isang damit pag binili ko, o kung once ko lang to susuot tapos mabuburo na sa drawer ko. hehehe. pag magkasama kami, kahit nood lang kami tv, masaya na kami. kahit minsan nagkaka asaran kami o inaasar ko sya, after ilang minutes naman ok na naman kami. hehehe. ngayon kasi pag kami ni ivy may time mamasyal, namamasyal na kami.kasi during sa weekdays, although nagkikita kami at least twice or thrice, usually sinusundo ko lang sya sa office o didiretso ako sa kanila at antayin sya dumating from office. minsan gabi na den yun. pagod na sya, minsan kakain lang kami tapos check ko lang ung shop namin, tapos uwi na ako. kaya di kami masyado nakakapag usap. pero pag weekend at libre kaming 2, usually kakain kami sa labas o mag iikot sa mall. ang hilig lang kasi namin kumain sa labas e. tapos mag discover ng mga bagong restaurants, iniisa isa namin lahta ng restaurants tapos babalikan namin yung mga naaalala namin na masarap. although may history na talaga kami na lagi kaming minamalas sa mga chinese restaurants. laging palpak ang crew o palpak ang pagkain na naoorder namin. di ko lang alam kung bakit. e simple lang naman ang mga chinese food e. ewan ko ba. basta madami na kami wi-nalk out-an o kinausap na manager sa mga chinese restaurants.

2. our rest house in mendez - although it is just a small "bahay kubo" it is complete with all our basic needs. meron kaming cr na medyo hi-tech kesa sa ibang kubo hehehe, may kitchen sa basement at higit sa lahat madaming higaan at upuan. ang sarap mag stay doon sa weekends kasama mga friends or family mo para ba makawala man lang kahit 2-3 days sa gulo, ingay at pulusyon ng maynila. 5 minutes drive away ang mahogany market ng tagaytay at kumpleto na ang mga pang ulam na mabibili doon. syempre ang da best pa den doon ay ang bulalo. may suki na kami doon kaya fresh ang beef at buto na ibinibigay sa amin. pwede den mag ihaw sa likod bahay namin. tapos pag luto na ang lahat, doon kami sa likod bahay kumakain sa ilalim ng punong mangga. tapos kumain, tulog konti. tapos kain na naman. tapos tulog. tpos inom konti. tapos tulog. hehehe. bintilador lang ang katapat, malamig naman e. minsan nga lagi na de delay ang pag uwi namin ng sunday e. minsan usapan uuwi na ng after lunch, pero yung after lunch na yun aabutin ng 6-7pm pa.

3. listening to my ipod - halos 2 o 3 years na ata yung ipod ko sa akin, pero laging nasa bag ko yun para laging ready pag gusto ko makinig ng music. kaya nga nahirapan ako nung pinahiram ko sa kapatid ko yun nun ng punta sa states e. hehehe. wide kasi ang range ng music na gusto ko pakinggan. from world music to proggresive rock to house music. dati talaga solid blues fanatic ako. as in naubos ang allowance ko sa kakaipon at bili ng blues cd. pero ang talagang malaking influence sa akin kaya nag banda kami noon at si stevie ray vaughan. pero ngayon, lahat ng music pinapakinggan ko. ang latest na pinapakinggan ko ngayon ay billie holiday. ang galing sobra, kahit na tunog na nanggaling sa hukay yung quality ng sound ng mga songs nya. hehehe. isa pang bago ko pinapakinggan ay yung red hot chilli peppers, yung stadium arcadium. double album yun, pero sulit lahat ng kanta! ang galing sobra. madalas ko den pakinggan yung john coltrane selection ko. ang pinaka favorite na album ko ni coltrane yung giant steps. gift sa akin ng pinsan ko yun matagal na matagal na. hanggang ngayon, favorite ko pa den. actually lahat naman ng music gusto ko, kahit pa country. kahit bihira ako makinig nun. hehehe. kasi sa tingin ko naman halos lahat naman ng music sinulat ng composer na may may inspiration na galing sa puso nila. pwera nalang yun mga pa weirdo effect na corny ang lyrics. yung mga tipong- its 9 pm, i think ill die. slash my fucking wrist and my soul will be roaming the world like a black fucking ghost. hahaha. yeah pare, cool!!! yun lang ang nakaka bwisit. aside from that, ok sakin lahat.

4. eating - kahit na nabanggit ko na mahilig kami ni ivy na kumain sa restaurants. pag ako lang mag isa, mahilig talaga ako kumain. ewan ko kung nagawa nyo na na kaka lunch nyo lang, tapos habang naglalakad kayo, may nakita kayo masarap na pagkain, tapos mag lu lunch na naman kayo. kaya minsan sa loob ng 30 minutes, naka 2 lunch ako sa 2 fastfood/carinderia/restaurant. hahaha. parang patay gutom ba? masarap kasi kumain e. siguro ngayon ang weakness ko ay kahit anong pagkain na may curry at japanese food. si ivy kasi di masyado mahilig sa curry e. kaya pag ako mag isa, nakakita ako curry, kain na agad! dati nga inaantay ko si roy sa makati, e sobrang tagal dumating, naka 3 dinner ako. hahaha. kaya nung gabi at mag iinom kami, medyo wala na ko sa mood kasi sobrang busog na ako. sa saisaki nga noon medyo bata pa ako, nakaka 5 plates ako e. kaso yung huling kain ko, naka 2 plates nalang ako. tapos dessert na. parang tumatanda na ata ako, pati tyan ko, di na kinakaya. isa pang gusto ko kainin pero dapat iwasan ko na ay yung mga street food. ewan ko ba, kahit na minsan alam mo na madumi, di mo ma control. mapa bbq, squid balls, mami, qwek qwek, etc pa yan. ang sarap kainin!! hehehe. pero iniiwasan ko na den, baka magka hepa pa ako.

5. magkulong sa kwarto ng 1 araw at manood lang ng tv - ewan ko ba. pero minsan pag nagkaka sakit ako, enjoy ako e. biro mo sa kwarto ka lang, on mo buong araw yung aircon tapos manood ka ng tv. tapos baba ka lang o paakyat ka ng pagkain. ok diba? parang hari. hehehe. ang sarap. months ago nga nagkasakit ako e. namaga ang tonsils ko. kaya 3 days na ganun lang ang gawain ko. ang saya! biro mo late na ko magigising, tapos nood ako sa tv ng jamie oliver, yung naked chef.. galing magluto nun. tapos maury na, tapos jerry springer. ano pa hahanapin mo? in between ng mga programs na yun makakatulog ka. tapos magigising ka para manood ulit at kumain na naman. tapos mag co computer ka, laro ng games at internet. tapos nun mag magic sing ako. pucha, lalo ata namaga ang tonsils ko e. kasi nung may sakit ako, mga 3 oras ata ako non-stop kumanta nung ako lang magisa sa room. tapos magpapa awa ka, pag tawag ng nanay ko, mag papauwi ako ng pasalubong (parang bata no?) hehehe. so kain na naman. bakit kaya pag nasa loob tayo ng kwarto natin feeling natin may healing na nangyayari? feeling natin gagaling tayo pag nag rest doon. feeling natin sobrang safe natin at kahit anong gulo mangyari sa labas, nasa loob tayo ng sarili nating sanctuary na walang gagalaw sa atin. yan ang 1 sa mga misteryo ng kwarto. hahaha

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Roy and Den Wedding

sa wakas, after matagal na preparations, natuloy na den ang kasal ni roy at denden. around 3 pm mag start yung wedding, pero dapat 1pm nasa csb hotel na kami para makuha ni ivy yung gown nya. around 1130, pinick up ko na si ivy sa salon, tapos diretso na kami sa csb hotel. grabe, gutom na gutom kami, kasi pareho kami ni ivy breakfast pa lang ang nakakakain. skyflakes at bottled water lang ang baon namin sa kotse. hehehe.

pag dating namin sa hotel, mi-neet namin si jay at si sandy. ang mga girls, nag suot na ng mga gowns nila. sobrang busy ng 2 rooms (1 for the groom's family, 1 for the bride's family) kaya wala kami ni jay space sa loob. tumambay nalang kami sa may waiting area ng floor na yon. once in a while lumabalas si roy para maki chika at maki picture taking. minsan lumalabas den si frank (brother ni den).

after na makabihis na ang lahat. deretso na kami sa manila cathedral. lahat naman kami dumating before mag 3pm. ang problema, medyo na abala sila day at bong kasi nahuli sila ng pulis along taft. na kikilan tuloy si bong ng P500. hehehe. actually 1st time ko lang makapasok ng manila cathedral. ang laki pala ng loob nito. at aircon! meet ko si daddy (ninong) at si mommy sa loob ng cathedral. kumpleto na ang entourage at inaayos na nung tiga cathedral ang order ng march. nakita ko den ang mama ni tj (ninang) sa loob. nung nag start na ang march (magkasama kami ni ivy), lumabas na si den sa bridal car nya. ang ganda ng gown nya at elegant ang dating nya sa gown.
(muka akong ngarag dito sa picture na ito) anyway, after ng mass, diretso na kami sa coconut palace para sa reception. medyo nag prepare pa ng konti ang mga host (si day at yung isang babaeng slang mag salita. hehe) at pinaupo muna ang mga tao before mag start ang program.
habang nag aantay ang mga tao sa program, kami naman nila ivy, panay ang posing sa loob ng building kasama sila roy. akala ko, diretso na program at kainan, un pala mag ma march pa ulit kami papunta sa harap ng stage. ok lang, enjoy naman e. hehehe.

may mga pinakitang parang mtv si day na dedicated kay denden. akala ko maiiyak si roy, pero nung lingon ko sa table nila, walang pakialam si roy, kasi busy sya sa kaka kain. hehehe. pero nung time na nag palabas na si day ng mtv na dedicated kay roy. ayun, napaiyak ang hitad! hahaha. ok yung program. masarap den ang food, sayang nga lang at di ko nakunan ng picture. mag mumukang tanga naman ako sa table at kinukuhanan ko ang kinakain ko.
after ng program, nag paalam na ang mga bisita. tapos tumulong kami mag ayos ng konti. tapos umuwi na den kami para maka uwi na ang bagong kasal at makapag honeymoon na. hehehe.

Monday, June 05, 2006

what do you think survey... gamit ulit ang ipod

1. what do you think of yourself?
drowning lessons by: my chemical romance (naks!! cool!!)

2. what do you think of ivy?
half by: soundgarden.... (syempre half of me) heheh

3. what do you think of roy?
senorita by: justin timberlake HAHAHAHA

4. what do you think of tj?
shots is fired by: evan dando (sakto, mahilig kasi mag ano e. hehehe. ano kaya ang fi-nire? hehehe.)

5. what do you think of jay?
sexual revolution by: macy gray (ayos ha. manyakis kasi e.)

6. what do you think of the weather?
enter sandman by: metallica (tamang tama ha)

7. what do you think of your ass?
banana pancakes by: jack johnson (hahaha. bat banana? anak ng....)

8. what do you think of your life?
get up, stand up by: bob marley

9. what do you think of denden?
maxwell's silver hammer by: the beatles

10. what do you think of day?
tom sawyer by: rush

11. what do you think of sandy?
song of the wind by: santana

12. what do you think of eric?
heaven knows this angel has flown by: orange and lemons HAHAHAHA

13. what do you think of ali?
disco club by: black eyed peas (mahilig kasi mag disco dati sa jimzen tapos makipag suntukan sa akhro sa labas. hehehe.)

14. what do you think of omar?
so much time by: dishwalla

15. what do you think of derrick?
liquid by: jars of clay

16. what do you think of the world?
im not ok by: my chemical romance (eksakto ha!!!)

nakakatawa talaga ito. hehehe. more ipod surveys soon!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

mason, flat tire at iba pa

bad trip nung thursday, gabi na kasi tapos susunduin ko sana si ivy. kaso bandang bayang luma medyo naramdaman ko na matigas yung manibela ng kotse. so pag baba ko nakita ko na flat ang gulong. inayos ko ang parada at hinalungkat ang trunk para kuhanin ang jack ko. kaso mo ang malas e pag gamit ko ng jack, sira! ayaw umangat. anak ng tupa! so tinakbo ko na den sa pinaka malapit na vulcanizing shop (medyo malayo den yun) kaso sarado na. buti nalang may carwash ako nadaanan at may jack sila. at least sila na nag palit ng gulong ko. buti nalang di nasira rim ko. no choice na den kasi e. wala ng magawa kundi itakbo kasi 1 lang ata yung vulcanizing shop sa area, sarado pa. kawawa naman si ivy kasi past 10 na umuwi from overtime.
kinabukasan ang mas masakit. kasi napabili ako ng 2 brand new na gulong :( ang mahal. pero kailangan na talagang palitan e. medyo tanghali na natapos kaya di na den ako makakapasok. buti nalang may degree work sa cavite lodge #2. so bihis nalang ako at dumalo para makasama ang mga brethren.
4 na demolays ang nag decide sumali sa mason. nahihiya ako sa senior warden ng cavite lodge#2 kasi bihira ako maka attend sa degree works nila. pero masaya naman ako at nakasama ako sa conferal team para mag confer ng degree sa demolays. at least maaalala nila ako na ako yung isa sa mga humawak sa kanila bago sila maging mason. hehehe
isa sa mga active na matandang mason sa lodge 2 ay so worshipful rocky, past master ng lodge 2. ang nakakatuwa dito, bestfriend sya ng lolo ni ivy. as in tambay sya daw madalas sa bahay nila ivy noon pang bata si ivy. sayang nga at wala na lolo ni ivy. sana na meet ko sya noon pa pa. siguradong magkakasundo kami. past master den ang lolo ni ivy ng pilar lodge #15 sa imus at very active sa appendant bodies ng mason. may daladalang lumang picture si rocky kagabi na kuha nila ng lolo ni ivy noong nagpunta ang tropang shriner sa bontoc. kinunan ko ng cellphone camera ko para maipakita kay ivy. ang lolo ni ivy yung naka brown na terno na naka tuntong sa bato. hehehe. si rocky yung naka cap. ang bata pa nila dito, e ngayon 80+ na ata to si rocky. hehehe. parang walking album nga si rocky e. pati yung pics nila ni daddy noong araw sa shriner pinakita sa akin. syempre kinunan ko ulit ng picture. tawa ng tawa daddy ko kasi batang bata pa sila noon.

ayan... si rocky, tatay ko at isa pang ka bro during sa initiation ng shriners. astig na sila pumorma kasi shriner na sila e. hahaha. anyway, masaya talaga ako sa freemasonry. nakikilala ko den yung dating mga barkada ng lolo ko at ng daddy ko. tapos yung ibang anak ng mga ka sabay ng dad ko noon sumali sya. para bang one big happy family. imagine, pati bestfriend ng lolo ni ivy na meet ko. :)

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


>top 3 fictional places you want to visit:1]middle earth2]gotham city3]hogwarts

>top 3 existing places you want to visit:1]amsterdam2]carribean3]japan

>top 3 weapons you want to master:1]nunchucks2]samurai3]balisong

>top 3 bands or musicians:1]jack johnson2]metallica3]beatles

>top 3 instruments you want to be good at:1]guitar2]bass3]drums

>top 3 songs that you love right now:1]the ghost of you - my chemical romance2]better together - jack johnson3]lost in space - sitti

>top 3 super powers you want:1]strength2]invisibility3]flying

>top 3 foods you could eat everyday for a year:1]jolibee chickenjoy2]tuna sushi3]salmon sashimi

>top 3 painters or artists you like:1]leonardo da vinci2]van gogh3]bencab

>top 3 books or comics:1]on the road - jack kerouac2]dress your family in curduroy - david sedaris3]kitchen confidential - anthony bourdain

>top 3 comic strips:1]spiderman2]archie3]pugad baboy

>top 3 cartoon shows:1]thunder cats2]transformers3]diamos

>top 3 movies you love:1]jerry maguire2]reality bites3]full metal jacket

>top 3 cartoon characters you'd like to be:1]human torch2]quicksilver 3]wolverine

>top 3 movie charcters you'd like to be:1]ethan hawke sa reality bites2]human torch sa fantastic
4 3]tsaka yung bida sa fast and the furious

>top 3 people(dead or alive) you'd like to have coffee and conversation with:1]jack kerouac2]stevie ray vaughan3]anthony bourdain

>top 3 occupations you'd want to have:1]chef2]poet3]rockstar

>top 3 quotes or sayings you like or like using:1]nye2]anak ng...3]hanep e

>top 3 fictional monsters or creatures:1]dragon2]hobbits3]unicorn

>top 3 beverages:1]san miguel beer pale pilsen2]coke3]water

>top 3 flavors of ice cream:1]chocolate2]vanilla3]pistachio

>top 3 things you do when you are bored:1]read2]listen to my ipod3]internet

>top 3 things you have to have with you:1]ipod2]cellphone3]cash

>top 3 animals you'd like to have as pets:1]tiger2]horse3]rottweiler

>top 3 TV shows you watch:1]jerry springer (hehehe)2]no reservations ni anthony bourdain3]
reporter's notebook

IMAX at ang nakakaligaw na mall

kahapon sumabay ang ako sa daddy ko sa kotse kasi medyo mahal na ang gas ngayon. nag increase na naman last weekend ang bwisit na gas ng P .50, kelan kaya titigil ito? sobra ng mahal mag travel ngayon. ang isang libong pisong gas nga naubos ko lang sa byahe ng 2 days e. gusto ko ng mag palit ng mas maliit na engine na kotse. sana 1.3 o pwede na den 1.0 na makina! at least tipid kahit mabagal. di ko naman kailangan makipag karera e.
speaking of karera, kahapon medyo maaga kami umalis ng office para makisakay sa bandwagon ng mga taong nakapanood na ng imax. hehehe. naiintriga den ako dito e. kasi di pa den ako nakakapanood nito, puro kwento lang naririnig ko. although nakapanood na ako ng 3d movie sa disney world noon. pero ibang klase daw ang imax kasi umaabot ng 8 storey building ang taas ng screen nito o 80 feet ang taas. located ito sa bagong bukas na mall of asia.
pag dating namin sa mall, nagulat ako kasi sobrang laki pala nito. expected ko crowded ang kalye papunta at mahirap mag park. pero hindi pala. kasi sobrang laki ng parking sa labas, at may covered parking den sila, hassle nga lang kasi kailangan mo magbayad ng P40 pag exit sa covered. pag pasok mo sa mall medyo magugulat ka (siguro dahil 1st time ko din lang nakapasok) kasi nakakaligaw yung lugar sa laki. manonood sana kami ng everest sa sa imax, pero according dun sa counter, may problema daw yung everest kaya nascar lang ang available. pero 3d movie ito. since napanood na ng daddy ko, ako nalang mag isa ang nanood (45 minutes lang naman e).
pag pasok mo sa theater makikita mo na ang laki sobra ng screen at ang daming seats, sabi nila mga 600+ daw ang capacity nito. pag start ng trailer, suot mo na yung 3d glasses mo. sa trailer pa lang, pag bago ka lang nakapanood ng 3d film, ma e excite ka na kasi feeling o talaga yung mga characters sa screen e lumalabas at parang nasa harapan mo lang. yung ibang katabi ko nga e parang inaabot pa yun sa harapan nila e. hehehe. ok ang experience. sana lahat ng bata ma experience ito, dahil nakaka enjoy. sana nga lang babaan nila pa ng konti ang fee para yung ibang bata makapanood rin dito.

Monday, May 29, 2006

shuffle survey

Konting survey muna: (grabbed from mio paredes' blog)

Go to your music player of choice and put it all on shuffle. Say the following questions aloud, and after each one press play. Use the song title as the answer to the question.

[01] What do you think of me? >: There is a small light that never goes out by: the smiths

[02] Will I have a happy life?>: speechless by: beyonce knowles. heheheh

[03] What do my friends really think of me?>: shoot the dog by: george michael ano daw?

[04] Do people secretly lust after me?>: under pressure by: queen

[05] How can I make myself happy?>: daysleeper by: rem (galing ah)

[06] What should I do with my life?>: first of summer by: urban dub

[07] Why must life be so full of pain?>: losing my religion by: rem

[08] How can I maximize my pleasure during sex?>: if 6 was 9 by: jimi hendrix (HAHAHAHAHA di ko ito dinaya ha.)

[09] Will I ever have children?>: money by: alex skolnick trio (pera nalang daw!)

[10] Will I die happy?>: winter by: tori amos (parang hindi ata ako mamamatay ng masaya, hehehe)

[11] Can you give me some advice?>: like suicide by: soundgarden

[12] What do you think happiness is?>: lullaby by: jack johnson

[13] What's my favourite fetish?>: thank you for the venom by: my chemical romance

Sunday, May 28, 2006

the gown fitting & da vinci

yesterday me and ivy went to west ave to meet up with our friends and for the girls to fit into their gowns and make adjustments if any. medyo na hassle lang kami ng konti kasi late na kami nakaalis ng cavite. the gowns actually looked really good on the girls and fit them really well. tito (i forgot) did really well sa pag design at pag tahi ng gowns. simple lang sya pero smart and dating. hope they wouldn't grow fat till the wedding day (time remaining: 10 days). hehehe.
and badtrip lang ay yung papunta namin ng makati kasi sobrang lakas ng ulan! as is buhos talaga. buti nalang di gaano nag traffic sa edsa. sa lahat pa naman ng ayoko sa pag d drive ay yung mag mamaneho sa lugar na di ako masyado familiar tapos bubuhos ang ulan. natatakot ako na baka tumirik ang sasakyan ko sa gitna ng edsa sa gitna ng malakas na ulan. pero thank God at nakarating kami ng makati ng maayos sa tulong na den ng kaibigan namin.
last week pa kasi namin planong manood ng da vinci code. pero grabe ang tao! parang langgam sa dami nung nasilip ko yung sinehan sa greenbelt at glorietta. so nag decide ako na palampasin ng 1 linggo at mag sasawa den ang mga tao na yun. buti nalang at sinabayan ng xmen 3 yung da vinci this week kaya majority ng tao ay manonood ng xmen.
honestly, medyo siguro mataas expectations ko sa da vinci code movie. kasi parang sa libro ay sobrang page turner nito. kaso lang nung napanood ko, sa opinion ko lang ay medyo boring. parang ang layo sa libro. kulang sa suspense e. again, baka nga high lang ang expectations ko. kasi may mga parts sa movie na muntikan na ako maka tulog sa tamad e. hehehe. anyway, suggest ko lang ay basahin nyo nalang ang kahit napanood nyo na o hindi pa yung movie. kasi iba yung thrill na makukuha sa book e. yun lang.

p.s. sorry sa quality ng pictures. sa cellphone ko lang kinunan e.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

shabu shabu kahit mainit sa labas

medyo mahaba ang araw ko kanina. nung umaga, nag pa 2d echo ang lola ko sa hospital. sinamahan namin ng kapatid ko. grabe, ang init sa waiting room. e malayo pa naman ang nilakad ko from parking lot. imagine nyo na maglakad sa initan tapos diretso sa isang waiting room with a fair number of people, tapos mahina ang aircon. nililinis ata. ang masaklap nito, may naiwan pa ako sa parking lot, so balik na naman ako, tagaktak ang pawis. tapos pag balik ko, hallelujia! malakas na ulit ang aircon. hehehe
tapos noon, mga 12pm na. nag bayad pa ako sa pldt sa las pinas. ang traffic sobra at ang init sa labas. tapos noon ay kumuha pa ng damit ang kapatid ko sa bahay kasi sa condo sya matutulog ngayon gabi. di pa kasi inayos kagabi ang damit e.
naawa ata ang lola ko sa amin, kaya nag bigay ng pang lunch. hehehe. so diretso kami sa shabu shabu sa may ccp. kalimutan ko ang pangalan e. pero masarap dun. nag order kami ng beef and seafood. tapos additional oysters at kimchi! ang sarap! grabe, sakit ng tyan ko.
tapos diretso sa office para mag trabaho at magpa sukat ng barong para sa kasal ni roy. tapos diretso ako kina jay para pag usapan ang stag party ni roy. wala den naman masyado napag usapan. naglaro lang kami ng mmorpg. hehehe
hay. nakakapagod. sa sabado, may fitting naman si ivy ng gown sa west ave. hehehe. ok ito. medyo may mapapasyalan sa weekend.
nakakaatok. tulog na ako. goodnight!

Friday, May 19, 2006


ang sarap mag punta sa beach. ang sarap sigurong tumira sa beach. lagi nga nasa isip ko yun e, ano kaya kung ibenta ko lahat ng ari arian ko (na siguradong hindi kayang makakabili ng beach house) at tumira ako sa beach. iniisip ko, magsasawa kaya ako kung araw araw tubig ang makikita ko? gusto ko lang kaya yun kasi madalang ako mag punta sa beach? mag sisisi kaya ako?
last year nga nung nagpunta kami ni ivy at barkada naming si sandy sa boracay. parang inggit na inggit ako sa mga tindero sa andoks, o yung mga waiter sa restaurants, kasi feeling ko ang swerte naman

nila, araw araw nasa beach. iniisip ko nga, kahit mag negosyo nalang ako ng henna tattoo, baka ayos na.
ang nakakabwisit kasi e sa amin sa cavite city, may malapit na beach. sikat na sikat yon dati, kahit nga mga artista napunta doon e. kaso lang ngayon, pag dinalaw mo sya, anak ng puta, baka masuka ka sa baho at itsura. ang itim ng tubig, tapos may nalutang na plastic (na may lamang tae?), kahoy, tsinelas, dikya, at iba iba pang basura na ayoko ng alamin kung ano pa. ang masaklap pa nito, malapit lang ito sa hospital. e baka pag ahon mo, may nakatusok pang syringe sa likod mo. delikado. pero matutuwa ka, at may mga pamilya pa na nagagawang lumangoy doon. at mga may kaya din naman ang naliligo doon. naka kotse pa nga e. mag kakainan pa sila ng adobo at mga inihaw nila by the sea amidst the bangaws. wala na sigurong pagasa pa na ma rehab yung beach na yun. ewan ko ba.
itong june, mag pupunta ulit kami sa bolinao, pangasinan para mag beach. excited na ako. sana maging masaya.