Tuesday, May 30, 2006


>top 3 fictional places you want to visit:1]middle earth2]gotham city3]hogwarts

>top 3 existing places you want to visit:1]amsterdam2]carribean3]japan

>top 3 weapons you want to master:1]nunchucks2]samurai3]balisong

>top 3 bands or musicians:1]jack johnson2]metallica3]beatles

>top 3 instruments you want to be good at:1]guitar2]bass3]drums

>top 3 songs that you love right now:1]the ghost of you - my chemical romance2]better together - jack johnson3]lost in space - sitti

>top 3 super powers you want:1]strength2]invisibility3]flying

>top 3 foods you could eat everyday for a year:1]jolibee chickenjoy2]tuna sushi3]salmon sashimi

>top 3 painters or artists you like:1]leonardo da vinci2]van gogh3]bencab

>top 3 books or comics:1]on the road - jack kerouac2]dress your family in curduroy - david sedaris3]kitchen confidential - anthony bourdain

>top 3 comic strips:1]spiderman2]archie3]pugad baboy

>top 3 cartoon shows:1]thunder cats2]transformers3]diamos

>top 3 movies you love:1]jerry maguire2]reality bites3]full metal jacket

>top 3 cartoon characters you'd like to be:1]human torch2]quicksilver 3]wolverine

>top 3 movie charcters you'd like to be:1]ethan hawke sa reality bites2]human torch sa fantastic
4 3]tsaka yung bida sa fast and the furious

>top 3 people(dead or alive) you'd like to have coffee and conversation with:1]jack kerouac2]stevie ray vaughan3]anthony bourdain

>top 3 occupations you'd want to have:1]chef2]poet3]rockstar

>top 3 quotes or sayings you like or like using:1]nye2]anak ng...3]hanep e

>top 3 fictional monsters or creatures:1]dragon2]hobbits3]unicorn

>top 3 beverages:1]san miguel beer pale pilsen2]coke3]water

>top 3 flavors of ice cream:1]chocolate2]vanilla3]pistachio

>top 3 things you do when you are bored:1]read2]listen to my ipod3]internet

>top 3 things you have to have with you:1]ipod2]cellphone3]cash

>top 3 animals you'd like to have as pets:1]tiger2]horse3]rottweiler

>top 3 TV shows you watch:1]jerry springer (hehehe)2]no reservations ni anthony bourdain3]
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