Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gotta love Finish Powerball!

Don't you hate having to wash dishes all the time? As for me, I hate to wash dishes especially the oily and grimy ones. That is the reason why I got a dishwasher at home. But my only problem is that eve though I have a dishwasher, sometimes there are still oils that remain in containers especially from the ones that has sauces. That is why I feel very happy when I found out about this product when I visited the grocery. It is Finish Powerball!

Finish Powerball is a top branded dish cleaning product that will clean your plates and food containers. It is equipped with stain-soaker for that sparkling clean plates. Finish Powerball is a real breakthrough in cleaning baked-on food like lasagne, egg and cheese sauces. Includes 15 Powerball Lemon Tablets per box.

                                           Give it a try! It worked for me.

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Parita said...

Hi Michael, thank you for your comment on my blog and I am very glad the cake came out so well, thanks for letting me know, I have a new column on my blog where i encourage people to share their experience with my readers about any recipe they have tried from my blog, if you have a click i would love to write a post on your experience. Let me know, thanks once again